Have you always been fascinated by bagpipes, snare or tenor drums or do you fancy a new hobby surrounded by fun people? Would you like to play a Scottish instrument yourself? Then you are certainly welcome to join our classes.

You don?t need any prior experience to be able to start these lessons. Everything is taught gradually. The first months are trial months and therefore for free. After that, you can decide whether you like it and become a member of our band. As a member you pay a limited membership fee and you are always more than welcome at our rehearsals, performances and activities.



The Scottish bagpipe as we know it today was originally intended for the battlefield over 500 years ago. We won?t let it get that far and only play them for their musicality. First we practice on a chanter (similar to a small flute). Then you practice the technical side, and also your physical endurance, on your bagpipe itself.

snare drum

Snare drum

The musical beats of the Scottish snare drums accompany the bagpipes. Thanks to the snares under the top and bottom skin of the drum you get the specific crispy sound of this drum. The technique and scores are practiced first on a quieter drum pad, then on real drums.



The warm sound of the tenor drum combined with all kinds of hand movements are not only very interesting to watch, but also accompany the entire band. The bass drum is the indispensable key figure that sets the pace.

Where and when

Usually Our classes take place at these locations but depending on the availability of each location, this can change from time to time. Want to be sure? Feel free to contact us!

Monday 7:30pm - 9:30pm

OC 't Zonnerad

Tresoriersstraat 6
8980 Zonnebeke

Saturday 10am - 12pm

De Speelveugel

Doornstraat 27
8970 Poperinge