Flanders Memorial

Whenever you happen to hear Scottish pipes and drums in Flanders (but also far beyond), chances are that these are notes played by the Flanders Memorial Pipe Band, reminding you of our wartime past. You can spot us during compelling commemorations at the numerous British cemeteries, but also in festive streets where we like to let our tunes resound. You can recognize us by our blue tartan, unicorn badge and Celtic cross on our crest.

After a meeting, which grew into a friendship, between the founder of our band and the Kintyre school pipe band from Campbeltown (Scotland), the choice for the blue kilt was quickly made. Jean-Pierre wanted to start a school or youth pipe band in Belgium with this Scottish band and their Ramsay Ancient Blue tartan as an example. After receiving permission from the Clan Chief, we have been proudly displaying our blue kilt ever since.

Clan Ramsay is a clan from the Scottish Lowlands that lays claim to the castles of Brechin and Dalhousie. As well as their tartan, their motto (ora et labora) and crest (unicorn head with silver and gold) have been adopted into our logo.

Our crest itself bears witness to the merger of FMPB (Poperinge) with the Passchendaele 1917 Pipes & Drums (Zonnebeke). At that time it was decided to swap the original unicorn crest for the crest of the Passchendaele 1917. You see the Celtic cross on the Frezenberg in Zonnebeke back, flanked by the thistle (the Scottish thistle, the national symbol par excellence), and the poppies (which have become a symbol for the bloody battle in the West Flemish mud). The whole is surrounded by a circular band containing the motto "Cuimhnichibh", which is Gaelic for "Remember".

FMPB Crest
FMPB Tartan
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